Perfecting the CRAFT of Data Archiving

Confused on the difference between Backup and Archive?

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Store massive data forever!

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Archive Systems

NetMass suports solutions that meet the needs of a single office up to the needs of hundreds of remote sites.

Supporting all data sizes and security requirements.

Our solutions can be customized to meet your needs concerning compliance, data reduction, retention, and discovery. 
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Data Integration

NetMass can help integrate and automate your data sources and applications with our data archive systems.

Automating Data Import

NetMass can help integrate your data sources and ECM applications to achieve fully automated archiving to our data archive systems.
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Data Reduction

NetMass archiving solutions allow you to reduce the storage on your primary storage systems.

Primary Storage Data Reduction

Move data from your primary systems to NetMass archive systems. Data stubbing means your end users do not see the change. Less storage and less backup.
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Why Trust NetMass for Data Archiving?

      • Our Mission:  Provide cost effecitve long term data archiving that meets verifiable security standards.
      • Our Philosophy: We strive to rigorously pursue the CRAFT of Data Archiving: We focus on the global scale; we design for the long term; and we provide the compliant foundation.
      • Our Promise: Our solutions will provide a stable, long term, and secure foundation for your data archiving needs.
      • Our Story: NetMass is “Networking of Massive”. We are one of the oldest continously operating cloud based service provides in existance. See our full story.

Why Choose our platform?

      • Longevity:  We have been offering cloud based services for more than 16 years.  This is longer than almost any cloud services company still operating under the same name.
      • Expertise: We cut our teeth by being one of the first online backup and storage service providers in the industry.  We know backup and we know archiving!
      • Security: Our FIPS 140-2 validated solutions exceed the security levels offered by most cloud services.
      • Infrastructure: Our geo-distributed erasure-coded storage provides the highest levels of durability.
      • Support: We are completely US based.  Yes, that means technical support as well!