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The NetMass Story

NetMass was founded back in 1998 by two college buddies looking for a more efficient method to protect their computer data. One a Ph. D. in computer science and the other a budding entrepreneur, the two formed NetMass as a pure online backup company specializing in automated offsite backup and recovery for businesses and individuals. NetMass provided one of the very first commercial Cloud Backup solutions before the term Cloud was even coined.

PROFICIENCY for Data Backup

As a pioneer of the online backup industry, NetMass has gained a reputation for offering the best technologies combined with great service. Our long-term commitment to online backup is another big reason our customers trust us with their valuable data. A primary NetMass goal is to make the same data protection that is available to Fortune 500 companies available to everyone.

The name NetMass means Networking for the Masses.  The vision, cast so long ago, was to build systems that scaled to support the large masses of people that would embrace and use network technologies.  Today, as the number of endpoints have increased and data volume per endpoint has decreased, that vision has the name “the Internet of Things (IoT)”.  Our company was founded with the goal to support that vision through strong systems, services, and infrastructure.

NetMass provides on-premise and cloud based backup soutions through our operational arm. There, we offer data recovery solutions for dedicated and multi-tenant environments and can support companies of all sizes.  We also customize solutions that include continuous data protection for Exchange and SQL Servers and support multiple geographically separated locations.

The CRAFT of Data Archiving

NetMass continues to improve and extend our cloud based data protection services by providing secure and reliable archiving technologies. This site,, is dedicated to archiving solutions.  We offer a full range of private and multi-tenant data services. Our client data is stored at world-class data centers in highly secured offsite locations. These state-of-the-art environments provide the security and connectivity that uniquely suit the needs of our demanding clients. By utilizing geo-replication, we ensure customer data is protected against natural disasters thaty may affect one of our data center. We want to be your long term partner in today’s world where information and data are indispensable and irreplaceable.

If the differences between cloud based backup and cloud based archiving are not clear, we invite you to read this whitepaper.  It outlines the major differentiators and shows you how to get started with compliant archiving:

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Company Information

NetMass Inc. is a privately held company and has offices in Richardson, TX and Houston, TX. We have long term relations with clients and partners around the world. Contact us to learn more about an online backup solution that will meet your needs.  If you desire, you may visit the main NetMass site here:

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