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Have you thought about how you will store all of that police video?’s Assureon Solution

Assureon® is a complete solution for police departments who are looking to implement body cameras for their officers. Assureon® provides a comprehensive data protection feature-set which ensures the availability and integrity of all files. Features such as digital file fingerprinting and “self-healing” integrity audits ensure that all video stored with Assureon® will remain admissible in court and available when needed.

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Police Video Archiving

Assureon is targeted at archiving unstructured data such as police body camera video with the capability to meet CJIS compliance requirements.

Texas DIR

Our Assureon solution is offered on the Texas Department of Information Resources list which provides technology solutions to Texas state and local government entities.

Complete Solution

Assureon is a storage solution for archiving with the hardware and software integrated into a complete, ready to install and use system.