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Data Archiving Drivers

Data archiving is statutorily required in many industries and makes good business sense for legal and regulatory reasons. HIPAA, SOX, FRCP, PCI-DSS, FINRA, GLB, and SEC regulations require covered companies to maintain an easily accessible and complete archive of electronically stored information (ESI). Most enterprises have adopted a “save everything” policy in their quest to assure compliance with regulations. Effective, secure information preservation and archiving also needs mechanisms to provide searching and auditing over archived data.

Long term storage of files and associated search and access meta-information is a necessary hassle. From law firms holding court records to physicians with private health information to an individual’s email transcripts, there are limitless files and situations that can’t afford data loss.  Data archiving solves the problem of how to keep information that you rarely need to access. Quality archiving systems enforce file access policies so that files can be read at any point but never modified (even by administrators).  This ensurs the accuracy of all archived data. Often, data is then moved from primary storage to an archiving server.  This storage offloading improves backup storage utilization and backup operations.

We have cloud integrated business solutions that help you meet long term retention goals in a cost effective manner.