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Long term retention of sensitive data

Assureon® is a secure archive storage system designed for the long-term retention of highly sensitive information. As a compliant archive, Assureon provides a comprehensive data protection feature-set which ensures the availability and integrity of all files. Core to these features is Assureon’s digital file fingerprinting and “self-healing” integrity audits which eliminate threats of data loss, tampering, and corruption.

Complete Solution

Assureon is a storage solution for archiving with the hardware and software integrated into a complete, ready to install and use system.


It includes several models that vary in capacity and capability to meet the archiving needs for unstructured data archiving.

Compliance Ready

Assureon is targeted at archiving unstructured data across multiple industries and market segments with the capability to meet multiple regulatory and corporate governance requirements.

  • Limitless Storage
  • Low cost


Assureon Literture