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Deep Storage

Ready For whatever you want to throw at it

To meet the demands of extreme data growth and long-term retention, the Spectra BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Appliance enables users to easily store massive data forever at virtually no cost. Designed for organizations where data is a significant part of their operations, BlackPearl allows data to move seamlessly into mass tape storage in a way not previously possible. BlackPearl enables users to deploy a tier of deep storage that is cost effective, easy to manage and scalable to Exabytes of data. With BlackPearl’s simple RESTful DS3 interface and embedded tape management software, organizations will confidently store all of their data forever at costs as low as pennies per Gigabyte.

Complete Archive Solution

Swarm is a complete software stack that boots from bare metal and includes all operating system and services needed. It runs everything from RAM, including its distributed dynamic index, leaving

Shatters Complexity

Swarm doesn’t rely on a file system (zeroFS) or database (zeroDB) that both get brittle with size. All operational and descriptive information is encapsulated as metadata with each object.

Evolves with you

Darkive is patented adaptive power conservation technology that will selectively spin down drives and power step node CPUs to reduce power consumption by up to 80% in cold archive use cases. These savings put Darkive optimized Swarm clusters well within the TCO of large tape based media archives while still ensuring content is readily accessible.

  • Limitless Storage
  • Low cost


The lowest cost storage available

BlackPearl takes advantage of tape’s low cost, economically scaling to Exabyte capacities. It also promotes reductions in OPEX related expenditure by leveraging Spectra T-Series environmental benefits of high-density footprints and low power consumption.

Reduce time managing long-term storage

Deep storage is the ultimate resting place for all data, and with BlackPearl there is no need to continually move data to another storage platform. BlackPearl minimizes the time spent moving data, allowing users to target objects for deep storage. With BlackPearl, users do not need any previous experience with tape library systems. BlackPearl handles how data is written to tape and also manages the tape library inventory, robotic commands and other aspects of how the library stores the data.


Integrating BlackPearl requires minimal software acquisition costs to attach deep storage into your environment by leveraging software clients based upon RESTful interfaces. Users can develop their own clients for the DS3 interface or leverage a library of existing software clients available through our Developer Program.


Fast transfer of large storage objects

BlackPearl offers high performance transfer of bulk data to deep storage, allowing tape to sequentially read and write. BlackPearl optimizes how buckets are written to tape for best performance with up to 172 TB/hr with 120 LTO-6 drives (compressed capacity) in a Spectra enterprise library. Additionally, staging data to BlackPearl’s SSDs allows for up to 400 MB/sec reads and writes per appliance to easily offload your data to tape.


BlackPearl unlocks tape’s economies of scale, allowing you to drive the total cost of your deep storage down as your system grows. Standard LTO and IBM TS Technology tape roadmaps also span through future generations with significant capacity improvements to help you realize even greater capacity and storage density benefits.





BlackPearl enables you to realize the long-term benefits of deep storage, helping you retain your data indefinitely. BlackPearl includes future support for built-in media migration for seamless transfer of data to future deep storage media formats. It also includes and supports different drive generations to ensure a seamless transition to newer tape media formats.