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Private Cloud Archiving Solutions

Some data is just too important to lose.  When data durability is of utmost importance, you cannot trust your data to standard storage systems built from the industry standard SAN and NAS solutions. Bitrot and controller failurs can introduce errros into your archive data. Long term data reliability needs a more durable method of storage.  Data this critial is too important to trust to 3rd party providers who operate multi-tenant cloud systems. This type of mission critical archive calls for a fully private cloud solution. Fully private means that you own the infrasture. Cloud means that part of your infrastructure resides outside your primary enterprise data center.   Our solutions store data using advanced geo-dispursed erasure coding techniques.  They offer data durability that is millions of times more resilient to failure than standard disk systems.

We offer dedicated private solutions that are customizable to your specific requirements. Our multi-format expertise means you can trust that we’ll handle everything from your enormous static files down to your email inbox with the same precision, security, and privacy. Just let us know what you need backed up, and we’ll start crafting a plan that will allow you to protect all of your files, without overpaying for features you aren’t using. As with all of our backups, your data will be highly encrypted while in transit data centers (ours or yours), and can be recalled with a few keystrokes. No matter the file type, we’ll work with you to generate the best solution for your needs.

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