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Archiving Across Industries

NetMass solutions range across many industries and help support companies with their compliance needs. Whether it is Sarbanes Oxley or an internal business requirement, we have a solution for you. Our solutions range from standalone optical systems that are perfect for the small office up to geo-replicated FIPS 140-2 validated systems that offer the utmost in data archive capacity, security, and durability.

  • Our Archving Systems give long term immutable storage to your project and plan data.
  • Our Cloud Gateways offer limitless secure cloud storage with multi-site access capabilies.
  • Our Private Storage Clouds offer the highest data durability guarantees along with multi-site geo-dispursed fully private storage.
  • Our Data Integration Services provide mechanisms to automate the ingest of critical data into an archiving system.

If you are in a specific vertical listed to the left, then select that area to get more information on your specific industry. If you have needs that do not necessarily fit in the industries on the left, please reach out to us. We can craft a solution that will meet your needs. To learn more about our solutions, click the button below to watch a webinar on all the benefits can offer you.

Data Archiving Webinar